How to Become a Peaceful Warrior in Times of Conflict

How to Become a Peaceful Warrior in Times of Conflict

At some point in all of our lives, despite all well intending efforts, LIFE is sometimes just unfair. When the rights and wrongs seem to go all topsy-turvy and you feel yourself being thrown off balance, take a deep breath before leaping headfirst into (re)action mode, and pause to check in with your feeling body.

If you engage in conflict, most likely the results of your justified anger, defensive ego, and lust for vengeance will create imbalances that will throw your peace and serenity right out the door. Holding grudges and feeling stuck in victim mode can spiral us into deep inner turmoil, resulting in unresolved arguments and disagreements with others. Whether you can shrug off a negative situation and walk away with a clear conscience, or you have that powerful call to fight the good fight, remember that whatever you do or don’t do, the actions you take will affect you and those around you.

The Peaceful Warrior may sound contradictory, but a life of peace and integrity requires that you seek truth beyond illusions and make thoughtful choices instead of floating from one reaction to the next.

The Warrior has the wisdom to back down and observe herself in the moment, being prepared to make split second decisions that support the greater good. Only the truly courageous respond to tumultuous circumstances from the heart, not from a familiar and out-of-date conditioned belief system. Next time conflict occurs, remember it is possible to stay present, channel fierceness and fearlessness, and become a Peaceful Warrior. Namaste.

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