One Thought at a Time. Overcome Negativity

One Thought at a Time. Overcome Negativity

If you too want to clear your mind and see how much it can change your life from negativity, here are some tips to try during times of stress and overwhelming thoughts.

It’s not only good for survival as we need Oxygen to survive, but it’s good for tricking your body into a more relaxed state of being and for slowing down your thoughts. Close your eyes and take 5 deep breaths while focusing on your heart rate.

Create a mantra
Come up with a mantra and repeat it to yourself over and over again.
“I am strong, I am capable, I am unique. I am not defined by the negative thoughts, I am defined by my actions. I am honest, I am prompt, I am a leader, I am a positive light in this world. I am strong, capable and unique.”

Get out in nature and move
Add movement in your daily life, things you enjoy (hiking, swimming, etc), but most importantly get your body outside, in the beauty of nature, with fresh air and sunlight — treat those 3 things (nature, fresh air, sunlight) as vitamins, they’re good for your soul and help bring a new sense of light and love to your body.

Surround yourself with positive vibes
Feed your body, mind, and soul with nothing but positive influences from people, to books and songs and activities.

Once you do this to reset – follow it up with creating a list of your top 5 priorities, put them on your calendar, and do not cancel them – you will feel more empowered when you accomplish your personal goals and make time for yourself.

You cannot learn anything new or progress if you’re not in a positive state of mind and environment. The way you think has the greatest influence on how you live your life. Whatever you feed your mind, will grow. Instead of feeding it doubts, feed it encouragement. Instead of feeding it fear, feed it faith. Instead of feeding it hatred and shame, feed it, love. LOTS of love. One thought at a time, you can overcome the negativity. Namaste

Source: Purpose Fairy

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