Happy Buddha 108 Beaded Mala - Being Happy Buddha

Happy Buddha 108 Beaded Mala

Everyone of our Happy Buddha malas are unique, hand-knotted and made with Love and Compassion.

108 hand knotted mala - the auspicious number in Buddhism, Hinduism and yoga. You can use the mala to count mantras during meditation or to support one or more chakras. Wear them as a symbol of compassion, as a talisman or as a beautiful accessory. Because each mala is handmade with 100% natural products, no two products are identical and they can slightly differ in color from the pictures above.

I am grateful for this moment, this breath, and this life. With an attitude of gratitude, I see the lightness and life lessons in each moment.

Happy Buddha signature gratitude tag + buddha charm
8mm Australian Zebra Jasper (matte) beads

    Healing Properties of Zebra Jasper
    Motivating, mood lifting & energetic
    Grounding during meditation & spiritual work
    Balance & protection
    Helps see the true nature of others in a loving light